Fjelding promo 2016 Originally starting out in 2012 as a somewhat more heavy sounding rock band FJELDING fine-tuned their sound to become the beat-driven pop rock you hear these days. Their debut album, titled “Straight from the Shadows” (December 22, 2014), puts out a wonderful modern rock vibe, not shying away from a good guitar solo once in a while. It contains a variety of songs from daredevil and high-octane numbers to wistful and beautiful ballads and more easily digestible pop songs. Having worked on it for nearly a year, the boys are extremely proud of their first album. With Danish sensations Magtens Korridor helping to promote the band, and Carpark North having co-written a song, “Straight From The Shadows” hit #37 on the iTunes chart in Denmark in it’s first week.

All songs on the album were composed and performed by FJELDING, with the dazzling production by Kristian Thomsen (Frostbox studio). The album was mixed by Larry Fricke (Mix-Box.de studio) in Germany and mastered by Geoff Pesche at the Abbey Road Studios in London, UK. The result is a stylish, rebellious and catchy pop-rock album. With tracks like “Come On”, “Once Again”, Reckless”, “Feel”, and “Secrets”, to name a few, Fjelding is ready and willing to conquer the European music playing field. It’s hard to say if FJELDING is Denmark’s new stadium band, but you are guaranteed howling guitars, sing-along and an act of a lifetime.

Mikkel Fjelding: Lead vocals and guitar
Christian Panum: Guitar and backing vocals
Steen Grøntved: Guitar and backing vocals
Kenett Petersen: Bass and backing vocals
Roan Segers: Drums and backing vocals

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